The Transgression Of The Unnamed Prophet

At that point, the ruler said to the righteous man, “Return home with me and revive yourself, and I will give you a prize.”

In any case, the righteous man said to the lord, “If you somehow managed to give me a large portion of your home, I would not go in with you; nor would I eat bread REQUEST A PROPHETIC WORD nor savor water this spot. For so it was instructed me by the expression of the LORD, saying, ‘You will not eat bread, nor drink water, nor return by a similar way you came.'” So he went another way and didn’t return by how he came to Bethel.

Presently an old prophet {who} abided in Bethel, … said to him, “Return home with me and eat bread.” …”I too am a prophet as you may be, and a blessed messenger addressed me by the expression of the LORD, saying, ‘Carry him back with you to your home, that he may eat bread and drink water.'” (He was deceiving him.)

So it was after he had eaten bread and after he had flushed, that … a lion met him out and about and slaughtered him. Furthermore, his carcass was tossed out and about, and the jackass remained by it. The lion likewise remained by the carcass. Furthermore, there, men passed by and saw the body tossed out and about, and the lion remaining by the body. At that point, they proceeded to tell it in the city where the old prophet abided.

So it was, after [the old prophet] had covered him, that he addressed his children, saying, “When I am dead, at that point cover me in the burial chamber where the righteous man is covered; lay my bones alongside his bones. For the maxim which he shouted out by the expression of the LORD against the special raised area in Bethel, and against all the sanctums on the high places which are in the urban communities of Samaria, will unquestionably happen.”

After this occasion, Jeroboam didn’t abandon his abhorrent way… (1 Kings 13:7-11,15,18,23-25,31, NKJV)

The anonymous Prophet had quite recently given an incredible prescience to Jeroboam, lord of the ten northern clans of Israel. This prediction was quickly affirmed by the parting of the excessive special raised area at Bethel and the wilting of the ruler’s hand that he had indignantly pointed at the prophet. The prophet in this manner petitioned God for the rebuilding of Jeroboam’s hand, and the Lord quickly mended the ruler’s hand.

Jeroboam was so keen to his hand being reestablished, that he welcomed the anonymous Prophet to supper. Since he had been cautioned by the Lord to abstain from eating, or in any event, savoring water the northern realm of Israel, the anonymous prophet denied Jeroboam’s proposal in dutifulness to the Lord’s directions and left the zone by an alternate course to get back.

On his way, the anonymous Prophet was met by an old prophet who lived in Bethel, who promptly welcomed him to supper, erroneously pronouncing that the old prophet had gotten a later word from the Lord repealing the word the anonymous prophet had gotten. Soon after tolerating the old prophet’s offer, the anonymous prophet was prophetically chastised by the Lord through the old prophet and was hence slaughtered by a lion, who at that point abstained from further harming him, the jackass he was riding, or the old prophet, who later got the body for internment. The old prophet at that point mentioned being covered with the anonymous prophet since he realized that his prediction would have been satisfied.

In this story, we discover that the Lord doesn’t bring down His desires for us, significantly after an incredible show of confidence. Second, although the Lord will frequently furnish us with prophetic affirmations of His assertion to us, we ought to be extremely suspicious of any opposite, evidently prophetic words from others, particularly those firmly connected with individuals we know are living in defiance to the Lord. Third, the Lord anticipates that we should appropriately observe His assertion to us and consummately comply, regardless of any announcements to the opposite by others misleadingly professing to forecast for the Lord.

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